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The 2008 Eye on Sports Media "Bloodshot Eyeball" Award For Best Sports Media News Recap Blog

Saturday, January 3, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:08 PM, under

Athens, GA (Jan 3, 2008) - We continue our recognition of the best of breed in sports new media today, announcing the second recipient of a 2008 Eye on Sports Media "Bloodshot Eyeball" award. Today we focus on the the web site/blog that provides the best daily summation of what sports media writers around the United States are writing and saying.

There is no runner-up or honorable mention as one site stands above all as a must read in your RSS reader. The recipient of the 2008 Best Sports Media News Recap Award is Fang's Bites, written and maintained by Ken Fang.

Each day, except when his computer is acting up or work keeps him away, Ken reads what all the media writers (and others) around the country are writing. He then puts them up as links with brief descriptions, saving others the time to have to go and do it themselves. This site, and countless others, have found this information critical as we decide where to focus our content on any given day. He does a lot of heavy lifting for people and deserves much recognition for this.

Ken does not have a staff of interns to do this work for him. It is what he likes to do. Add that to the content he provides on The Amazing Race and other television shows he fancies, and you have a great source for information. Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News has called his site the The Encyclopedia Britannica of sports media websites. Every Friday, his megalinks are featured on Boston Sports Media Watch.

If he chooses to implement an automated mash-up of the data he provides, and adds more of his own commentary on the news of the day, the sky is the limit for Ken!

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