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Nationwide Tour Player Juggles Tee Time with Immigration Interview

Thursday, April 16, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 2:37 PM, under , , ,

Athens, GA (Apr 16, 2009) - "Webb is on the grounds," called out the Nationwide Tour media representative around 11:35 this morning. He was talking about Tour Player Brennan Webb, whose arrival at the Athens Regional Foundation Classic for his 1:00 pm tee time had been in doubt.

A Bag Without a Man: Nationwide Tour player Brennan Webb's
bag sits on the putting green at the Athens Regional Foundation
Classic in Athens, GA while Webb was travelling back from a
7:00 AM immigration interview in Tampa, FL.

Why would it be doubtful that a player who had been in town all week would make his scheduled tee time? It is because the Canadian-born player had to deal with an immigration issue. After getting married last year, he decided to apply for his green card. When going through this process, when the folks at Immigration say jump, you ask "how high?"

And that became his dilemma. He had a mandatory immigration interview at 7:00 AM this morning in Tampa, Florida."They scheduled the interview a month ago," said Webb as he was downing a quick lunch before hitting the driving range. "I could have rescheduled, but my lawyer advised against that. So I figured if I got a late tee time on Thursday, I could pull it off."

He got the desired time, a 1:00 pm et start, so he flew out of Atlanta late yesterday afternoon.

"When I got home last night, I pulled out my GPS to find out where I was going this morning," Webb continued. "It turned out that the office was seven minutes from the airport. So it worked out perfectly."

Last Minute Practice: After an early morning immigration interview in
Tampa, a quick flight back to Atlanta, a drive to Athens, and a fast lunch,
Nationwide Tour Player Brennan Webb gets some practice in on the driving range
at the Athens Regional Foundation Classic.

So did he speed from Atlanta when his flight got in ten minutes early? "No," he laughed. "I went the speed limit because I knew I had the time."

Webb currently sits 54th on the Nationwide Tour Money List with $17,287. To make the coveted Top 25 by season and and earn his PGA Tour Card, he needs to play as much as possible. But that did not deter him this week. "If I had to miss the tournament because of the interview, so be it. That was much more important."

Photographs Copyright 2009 by Eye on Sports Media/The Cayuga Group, LLC

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