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Where Do Professional Golfers Get Their Hair Cut?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 9:15 AM, under , ,

Bogart, GA (Apr 14, 2009) - Except for how they hit a golf ball, professional golfers are just like everyone else in the world. They put their pants on one leg at at a time like we do. They get hubgry just like we do. They need haircuts just like we do.

We Take Checks: Players register for the
Athens Regional Foundation Classic in Bogart, GA.

Haircuts? Yup, and that is just one of the questions volunteers may get as players register for the week. This week, that question was the only out of the ordinary question volunteers have received from players. Typical questions include the availability of child care, hotel, chiropractors, etc.

Of course, if they really need a chiropractor, they just need to check out the official driving range sponsor:

Oh and the player who needed a haircut? I sent him to my barber Susan at Mr. Haircut in downtown Athens.

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