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Harry Kalas Dies With His Boots On

Monday, April 13, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 10:32 PM, under , ,

Harry Kalas was one of those announcers, one of the voices, that was so distinctive and rich, who became part of the fabric of the team he covered. Like Larry Munson of the University of Georgia and Vin Scully of the Los Angeles Dodgers, you were not sure if you were truly watching or listening to a Philadelphia Phillies game unless you heard his voice.

Sadly that voice was silenced forever today, as Kalas collapsed and passed out preparing for a Phillies - Nationals broadcast. While his passing is truly a sad moment for Kalas's family, the Phillies Organization, and the people of the Philadelphia region, it is fitting that he died doing what he loved most: covering the hometown team. Like a true cowboy, he died with his boots on.

Eye on Sports Media extends our condolences to his family, colleagues, and fans as they deal with this shocking loss.

Ken Fang of Fangs Bites has done what he does better than anyone else, assembling links and quotes from throughout the baseball and sporting world. Please visit Ken's site to read and see what people are saying about Mr. Kalas.

Posted April 13, 2009.

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