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What Took NBC Sports So Long to Show Replay?

Monday, May 4, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 9:26 AM, under , , ,

"I can't understand a word he is saying dad," was all my daughter could say. We were sitting and waiting for a replay of the unbelievable and stunning finish by Mine that Bird in Saturday's running of the 135 Kentucky Derby.

We waited, and we waited, and we waited. Instead of seeing a replay of the incredible finish, we watched a slow victory lap and a painful interview of winning jockey Calvin Borel.

It was not painful in the sense that it was hard to watch. It was painful in that he was so hyped up you really could not understand any of his answers to the questions posed by Donna Brothers. His Cajun accent just got too thick to make out what he was saying.

So while we waited, and waited, and waited for a replay, we found ourselves more and more frustrated that there was no replay. When they finally got to one, it was an overhead shot showing the winning horse's changing position as he made his move. That was kind of cool, but it was not the replay we wanted to hear (with the call of the race).

So what did we do? We gave up on waiting and turned off the television. Maybe some sponsor could pony up some money (please forgive the pun) so that it can be shown right away, if that is what it would take.

Yes, Tom Hammond is Still White

Whenever Tom Hammond does a national broadcast, this site inevitably gets hit with Google searches from people wanting to know if he is black or white. And my answer is still the same: what does it matter? He is a human being, a great guy, and a fine announcing talent. Don't you people have anything better to Google about?

Bob Neumeier Misses Derby In Hospital

Long-time Racing Analyst Bob Neumeier was hospitalized after falling ill with an apparent seizure during a Friday broadcast. According to the on-air talent Saturday, he was doing ok and they wished him a speedy recovery. NBC did some talent juggling as a result of this, and the result was amateur television by the fill-in at its best.

Here's hoping Neumeier makes a speedy and full recovery.

Calvin Borel Has a Heck of a Back Story

Calvin Borel was a very happy man on Saturday, winning his second Kentucky Derby in three years. When He won with Street Sense in 2007, he had never ridden in the Derby. ESPN's Pat Forde has a great story on the jockey that was written after his 2007 victory over on

Posted May 4, 2009

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