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Some Guys Just Can't Forget HS Football Days

Friday, July 10, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 4:20 PM, under , ,

A lot of people like to remember their high school days. Many guys love to remember their glory days of playing high school football. My memories involve sitting on the bench and getting run over by guys a lot bigger, tougher, and faster than me. And in two years, we never one a game.

But for a select few, they get to relive the big game 16 years after a 7-7 tie. I found this series of videos on the web site. Unfortunately that version could not be embdedded. But the versions on the Gatorade "Mission G" site could be. Their new ads for "G" may be wierd, but this web series is very, very good.

Here is a description of the story, followed by the first 5 episodes of the web series.

What if you could replay the biggest high school football game of your life 15 years later in front of a hometown crowd of over 20,000? Four quarters, full pads, full contact. Replay is the documentary of one of the greatest high school football rivalries in the country - Easton High School vs. Phillipsburg High School. Separated by only the Delaware River, these two blue-collar towns have faced off annually for 103 years. The 1993 game ended in a 7-7 tie and was the turning point in this historic rivalry. See the two teams return to their hometowns in 2009 and replay the all-important 93 Battle of the Hill to break the tie, and to determine, once and for all, who the ultimate champion really is?

Episode I - The Rivalry

Episode 2 - Second Chances

Episode 3 - Football is Family

Episode 4 - The Journey

Episode 5 - Redemption

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