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The Best Social Media Expert Blogs with Balls 2.0 Missed in Vegas

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 4:41 PM, under , , ,

Karina Jett with Chris Miller of

By all reports, the excellent Blogs with Balls 2.0 (BwB 2.0) conference, held in conjunction with Blog World and New Media Expo 2009 in Las Vegas last week was a huge success. Even with their outstanding panel participants, there was a person in attendance at their Charity Poker event last week that was probably way under the radar. In fact, this is a person I recommended that HHR Media invite as a speaker at BwB 1.0 in Manhattan.

Chris Miller, pictured above with professional poker star Karina Jett, is one of the truly pre-eminent experts on social media today. But you may not of heard of him because he does not brandish an ego-based self-marketing approach that so many of the "so-called" experts use to hype themselves. Instead, he uses his solid understanding of technology and collaboration to demonstrate and critique various tools that are out there for people to use.

I can say this because I have known Chris for a number of years through our participation in the IBM Lotus Software Community. This is a community that understands collaboration and social networking better than most people today. That is because it is what we eat, drink and breathe when we work with Lotus Software and our customers. In fact, there were more people from the Lotus community blogging before most contemporary sports bloggers knew what a blog was.

I did not know Chris was in Las Vegas until I saw a tweet that he was at the Charity Poker event. He said he would write up a short piece for Eye on Sports Media about what he experienced at the poker table. He did share with me that he sat next to one of the Yahoo! Sports bloggers at the table, and they had a great conversation about branding.

So if you are looking for solid information on collaboration, social networking, and social media, you can visit Chris at And if you need someone to come talk to your group on the topic AND you can find a free slot in his schedule, you will not find a better, more candid, and more engaging speaker than Chris.

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