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ESPN Production Assistant Needs Catholic Re-Education

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:45 AM, under , ,

The news world and blogosphere is abuzz with the sordid details of ESPN Analyst Steve Phillips' affair with 22-year old ESPN Production Assistant Brook Hundley. If you read the text of her letter to Phillips' wife, she says that she may be 22 years old, but she is "not stupid." Well she might not be stupid, but she needs some re-education on her faith.

In her letter, she says that "while I know our faith dissuades divorce, it also respects it with regards to infidelity because people should have the opportunity to be with whomever makes them and can give them what they need."

I have been around a number of conservative and liberal Catholic priests (including the Jesuits) in my life, and I have NEVER heard such words from their mouths.

And at 22 years old, if she thinks that Steve Phillips was with her because he saw a future with her, she is not only stupid, she is foolishly naive. And if you read and believe Steve Phillips statement to the police (and this is not in any way to condone his behavior), she sounds like a truly troubled person.

This will be a case study added to my presentations on social media and risk.

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