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Jenn Brown Named Co-Host of ESPN College GameDay

Sunday, November 1, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 3:07 PM, under , ,

Jenn Brown is a contributing reporter for ESPN College GameDay. That is her official role as confirmed by ESPN media relations. However, she does not see put that way on her official web site. Much as she did when she was hired by Showtime Sports for Inside the NFL last year, she is publicizing herself as "Co-Host" of ESPN College GameDay.


If this self-exaggeration is not bad enough, she continues to use her sexuality to sell herself, preying on the foolishness of men. Is there any other way to interpret this auto-response users of Twitter get when following her?

Now that she is on ESPN College GameDay, she is getting a lot more attention. Blogs are referring to her as the "next Erin Andrews." It would be nicer if she was referred to as a person who earned the job on merit and knowledge, not as one who sets the role of women sportscasters back two steps with her exaggerated, sexually provocative self-promotion.

Update (November 3, 2009): Jenn Brown has now demoted herself and changed her web site.

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