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On B/R: Under Fire, UGA Coach Mark Richt Seems To Be Wearing a "Kick Me" Sign

Sunday, November 1, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 11:15 PM, under , ,

I usually tend to upload stories from this site to Bleacher Report. This time I am doing the reverse, as the subject story (Under Fire, UGA Coach Mark Richt Seems To Be Wearing a "Kick Me" Sign) is more a college football story than a media story.

Here is an excerpt.

University of Georgia Football Coach Mark Richt is a good man. He treats all people with respect and dignity, no matter who they are. He exudes warmth and calmness in everything he does. He places the highest value on family, friends, and loyalty. Yet it is these same qualities that define him as a man, as well as fundamental failings in the team's performance, that may be turning into his undoing between the hedges of Sanford Stadium in Athens, GA...

...With Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford gone, there was no offense to come back with this year. Everybody knew it would not be a stellar year, but no one expected the old-fashioned can of whoop-ass thrown on Georgia by the University of Tennessee and the University of Florida. Everyone thought that Richt would come through on his promise to cut down on the number of penalties racked up by the team the past few years.

But this has not happened. Throw into the mix starting quarterback Joe Cox's inability to throw the football with any power and avoid costly interceptions, the total absence of a running game, and a defense that cannot stop anybody when it has to, and you have the makings of a total implosion.

You can read the full article over on Bleacher Report.

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