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Media Press Box Ramblings on Mark Richt, Georgia Recruiting, and Tiger Woods

Monday, December 7, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 9:56 AM, under ,

Sometimes the best sports conversations take place with reporters and journalists in the press box before and during a game. Here are a few of the topics discussed at Saturday's SEC Championship game between Florida and Alabama.

On Georgia Assistants Refusing to Coach Bowl Game

Last week, University of Georgia coach Mark Richt fired three of his longtime friends and assistant coaches.He asked them to stay on through the bowl game and they all said "NO." Was it because they were already looking for new jobs? Scuttlebutt says no.

The feeling is that Richt was forced to fire them by UGA Athletic Director Damon Evans and that the three are very angry because they felt that Richt did not have their backs. Of course at least one of them, defensive coordinator Willie Martinez, had to know that the writing was on the wall. So instead of looking inward to think how things could have been different, they are shortchanging the kids that they recruited and coached through the years. Media verdict on these three coaches? No class.

On Why Georgia Has a Mediocre Quarterback in Joe Cox

UGA Quarterback Joe Cox has had a non-stellar season this year, but not for lack of trying. The question is why Georgia did not have a better quarterback in the pipeline to replace Matthew Stafford. The answer may lie in one name: Mohamed Massaquoi. The feeling, at least for one reporter, is that in order for Georgia to sign Massaquoi as a recruit, they had to agree to sign his Independence High School (Charlotte) teammate Joe Cox. This may be just the speculation and musings of one reporter, but if true just shows what schools have to do to get he players they want.

On Tiger Woods

This one is simple and two the point. The recent controversy surrounding Tiger Woods will have no impact on him professionally or monetarily. However, the PGA Tour and its broadcast partners will suffer. Why? Because Tiger will just cut back his schedule and play in fewer events. This means significantly lower ratings for Tiger-less events. It also means financial losses for title sponsors. The net result could be the tumbling of the financial (i.e. huge purses) house of cards that Woods has been carrying on his shoulder for the Tour.

One reporter said that the Tour will survive, but also wondered why Phil Mickleson is untouched despite his reported gambling problems and rumors of other behaviors he may or not engage in? This reporter also said he hopes Tiger wakes up and stops hanging around with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, because if his father was still alive there is no way these two would be involved in his life, and last week's episode would never have happened.

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