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TCU and Boise State Matchup Is Great, But Will Anyone Watch?

Monday, December 7, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 9:27 AM, under ,

The bowl match-ups are set. For pure fans of college football, the TCU - Boise State match-up looks great from the pure curiosity perspective. But for organizers of the Fiesta Bowl, there has to be some worry that the game will not sell out. For Fox Sports, which has the BCS bowl games one more time, there has to be worry that no one will really watch.

Will fans and the alumni bases of the two schools travel to see their teams in action? Would TCU fans have been more willing to travel if they had slid their way into the BCS title game against Alabama?

Going beyond this, this year's BCS games are for the most part, as Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News says, real snoozers.

But there is also the strange fact that TV ratings for college and pro football are off the charts good this year, perhaps being driven by the poor economy. So who knows what the viewing numbers will be this year.

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