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FOX NFL Sunday Notes for Week 17 of 2009 NFL Season

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Here are the Fox NFL Sunday notes as issued by FOX Sports earlier today.

FOX NFL SUNDAY NOTES (January 3, 2010)

Glazer Reports on Coaching Situations in Buffalo, Jacksonville, Washington, Cleveland & KC

Bradshaw: Polian Will Regret Not Trying to Go Undefeated and Make History

Strahan: All the Pressure is on the Cowboys


In the final week of the regular season, NFL Insider Jay Glazer reports on the latest news on coaching candidates and openings around the league:

WASHINGTON REDSKINS BACKUP PLAN: “We all know that Jim Zorn will be fired as the Redskins head coach probably in the next 24-48 hours. But what you don’t know is that GM Bruce Allen has been calling around the league for contingency candidates just in case Mike Shanahan decides to take the money and run somewhere else.”

BUFFALO BILLS GAME PLAN: “The Bills have already talked to Bill Cowher. They are hoping that he jumps up there because the options for Cowher are limited. They are going to interview Perry Fewell tomorrow and then they have a really aggressive game plan to fly around the country to interview guys like Sean McDermott from the Eagles and Leslie Frazier from the Vikings. They plan to be aggressive if they can’t get Cowher.”

COWHER’S COACHING OPTIONS: “People don’t realize how strong the Kansas City Chiefs pushed for Cowher last year and at times they thought they would get him but at pretty much the 11th hour he said he needed one more year. He wants to coach this coming year. We’ve heard that Tampa Bay has interest but if they go out and hire Cowher, they have to pay him, Raheem Morris, and they have to pay Gruden.”

MANGINI’S FUTURE IN CLEVELAND: “New Brown’s president Mike Holmgren is going to Cleveland tomorrow and is expected to meet with Eric Mangini on Tuesday and unless Mangini can sway Holmgren during that meeting, right now the plan is to fire him.”

POSSIBLE JACKSONVILLE SALE PUTS DEL RIO’S FUTURE UP IN THE AIR: “Jack Del Rio has not been given any indication by the owner that he will be out. There is a meeting set up for next Tuesday, between Del Rio, GM Gene Smith and the owner to work on their off-season plans. However, there is a very strong indication that the Jaguars could be sold sometime in the near future. If the team is sold then Del Rio’s future is completely up in the air.”

KC STICKING WITH HALEY: “Todd Haley is safe in Kansas City. The Chiefs are looking to add some ex-Patriots to work with GM Scott Pioli again, most notably Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel.”


Michael Strahan, Jimmy Johnson, Howie Long and Terry Bradshaw react to the Indianapolis Colts resting their starters last week en route to their first loss of the season:

Strahan: “I’m not even on the team and I’m upset. They put in all that hard work and won some close games. You could tell the players were upset.”

Bradshaw: “When Colts GM Bill Polian is in an old folk’s home, he’s going to look back on this and say ‘I had a chance at history.’ Players want to be a part of history and I guarantee that those players wanted a shot at going undefeated. The fact that Peyton Manning never put his baseball cap on when he was on the sidelines tells you that he wanted to get back in the game.”

Johnson: “In the past when the Colts have rested players, it hasn’t worked out very well for them. The only time they won the Super Bowl they didn’t rest the players. You have to play your healthy players if you’ve got a chance to have an undefeated season.”

Long: “The fans in Pittsburgh and Denver were definitely upset and the league took a look at this situation back in ’07 and said they will again after this year. I looked at the Colts sideline and saw some very uncomfortable players that were pulled out of the game. I definitely think it plays to the integrity of the game.”


Co-host Terry Bradshaw comments on the teams he doesn’t want to see in the AFC playoffs:

Bradshaw: “I don’t care to see the Ravens, Jets or Broncos in the playoffs. They do not interest me. I am more interested in Houston and Pittsburgh playing because those would be the two best and most competitive teams for the wild card but unfortunately they won’t make it to the playoffs.”


2009-2010 ‘Terry Awards’ winners are...

AFC Coach of the Year: Norv Turner (Chargers)

NFC Coach of the Year: Sean Payton (Saints)

AFC Player of the Year: Peyton Manning (Colts)

NFC Player of the Year: Drew Brees (Saints)

Owner of the Year: Tom Benson (Saints)

Mr. Tough Guy: Matt Stafford (Lions)

Still Going Strong: Jared Allen (Vikings)

Super Sophomore: DeSean Jackson (Eagles)

Mr. Shutdown: Darrelle Revis (Jets)

Assistant Coach of the Year: Mike Zimmer (Bengals)

Coordinator of the Year: Tom Moore (Colts)

Young Strahan Award: Patrick Willis (49ers)

Most Underrated: Eagles Cheerleaders


Co-host Terry Bradshaw points to what went wrong with the Saints offense towards the end of the year: “The Saints are averaging 17 points in their last two losses and have not looked well at all. They got away from running the football. At one point in the year they ranked 5th in rushing yards as a team and now they’re barely averaging 100 yards a game. They will likely lose today and this might be good. Now they can get a week off to refocus.”


Analyst Michael Strahan on who has the advantage in Eagles/Cowboys showdown: “The Eagles are finishers. They usually end the season strong. The Cowboys have all the pressure on them. They are in Jerry’s world, playing for the NFC East title, playoff position and everything else. The Eagles are used to this situation and I expect them to perform better than the Cowboys.”

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