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Photo Gallery: SI.Com's Stewart Mandel Gets To Cover Obama and Biden

Saturday, January 30, 2010 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 2:41 PM, under ,

Stewart Mandel of is in Washington, D.C. today to cover the the Duke - Georgtown game. Instead, he got to cover a presidential pow-wow at the Verizon Center. Here is the photo he snapped of POTUS (i.e. Barack Obama) and Vice-POTUS (i.e. Joe Biden), followed by some of his tweets from the game.

Photo from Stewart Mandel's Twitter Feed

slmandel: Got within about 5 feet at halftime -- wanted to ask whether he plans to do something about the BCS -- but got the secret service stiff arm

slmandel: Refreshment time. Biden going with a hot dog, the prez opted for popcorn. (Secret service made the food run.)

slmandel: I went to a hoops game end the state of the union broke out.

slmandel: Ladies and gentlemen, the VP has just joined us as well!

slmandel: I've been informed of POTUS' location for the game. In the interest of national security, I won't tweet it.

slmandel: I also just went through a TSA-like security check because, you know, the president's coming.

(Editor's note: Let's hope the security was better than what TSA does.)

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