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The Value of Some Inbound Links Just Cannot Be Measured

Friday, January 15, 2010 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 10:40 AM, under

Back in 2002, I worked with the State of Georgia's Governor's Honors Program to set up a blog template based website to publicize information about the program. It was part of my job, but the most intangible reward that meant more than anything from that project came from the students in the program (the content was different back then). As a gift of appreciation, they gave me a CD with images from their six weeks at Valdosta State University. Something similar has happened with Eye on Sports Media, something which makes me feel really great about unintended uses of this site.

This morning, in reviewing the overnight logs, I found a referral from the Hidden Valley HS (Oregon) School of Business. Going to their site, I found that they had included Eye on Sports Media in the Sports and Entertainment Marketing Course recommended links section alongside marketing guru/Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Sports PR gure/expert Joe Favorito.

While it is always awesome (and greatly appreciated) when our content is cited and/or linked to from people like Richard Dietsch at and John Ourand at the Sports Business Journal, the intrinsic reward from being recognized as a resource for high school students is one without a value that can be measured.

So here is a huge shout out and thanks to the folks at Hidden Valley HS for the link reference!

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