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What They Have Been Writing and Saying About Gilbert Arenas (Peripheral Vision)

Thursday, January 7, 2010 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 10:30 AM, under , ,

Gilbert Arenas is a bad apple not fit to be on an NBA court. So says NBA Commissioner David Stern. So let it be done. Of course, we have no idea if other NBA (or other professional league) players are stupid enough to walk around with unregistered weapons and carry them into their locker rooms. So what have some been saying and writing about Arenas (and the Washington Wizards) around the media and comedy world?

Let's start with David Letterman. Since we are talking about a Washington Wizard and in honor of the late George Michael, "Let's go to the videotape!".

Now let's move on to what people had been writing and saying in the days and hours leading up to Arenas' suspension.

John Feinstein, Washington Post/Blogger/NPR Correspondent

If Stern says, “I’m going to suspend him for the season,” the Wizards should go ahead and do that NOW. If he says 20 games, same thing. You can’t just keep sending him out there when he’s admitted his guilt but clearly has no real remorse about it. And let’s not even get into the, “well they could still make the playoffs even at 11-21 because the East is so lousy,” argument. Forget being the eighth place team in the conference with a 37-45 record and take a look at your long-term future—which right now doesn’t look any better than the short term. Read more...

NBA Legend Karl Malone on SI.Com

I don't want to see Arenas made an example of, but this is not just a minor situation, and if we say that, it's ridiculous. This is one of those times that the league needs to say, "We will not condone this." Guys need to be proud of being an NBA player. Being in the NBA is a great thing. The league owes us nothing. We owe what we have to the NBA. Take your job seriously, have a sense of urgency to get people back in the stands. People are waiting to see how the commissioner handles it. They don't want to hear from anyone but him. Read more...

Jemele Hill,

The Wizards should feel relieved because they would be more than justified to rid themselves of a player and a contract that are an albatross to their organization's development. At his best, Arenas is a gifted player and a delightful and entertaining personality, but after two injury-plagued seasons and a pattern of immature behavior -- not including this latest incident -- it has become obvious that Arenas is not fit to be the face of the Wizards franchise and is no longer worth the trouble. Read more...

Mike and Mike in the Morning

Stephen A. Smith,

As much as I’ve tried to disagree with my friend and noted contemporary, Jason Whitlock, who’s repeatedly and vociferously lamented the state of affairs within the Black Community — specifically as it pertains to the negative parts of Hip Hop and its influence on Black culture — it simply cannot be denied any longer.

Genocide is taking place in the Black Community, and this is a form of it. Read more...

Frank Isola, Knicks Knation. NY Daily News

Arenas is ultimately responsible for his actions but in a league where players make outrageous sums of money and card playing is condoned by teams (I know of cases were coaches, trainers and even team executives will join the high stakes card games) everyone is partially to blame. And that includes the NBA. Read more...

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