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Perhaps NBC Needed a Seven Second Delay for Shaun White's Half-Pipe Gold?

Thursday, February 18, 2010 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 12:35 PM, under , ,

Last night's half-pipe gold medal win by Shaun White was a lot of fun to watch, late as it was. What was more "fun" was listening to the almost stunned silence when a few profanities came out of White's coaches as they celebrated the win. There as an extended pregnant pause before the on-air "oops, but you have to understand their enthusiasm for the win" was uttered by the NBC Sports on-air talent.

Orange County News - February 17, 2010
White Hot Ride: Team USA's Shaun White competes during his gold medal performance in the mens halfpipe competition Wednesday in Vancouver. Photo by Kevin Sullivan The Orange County Register

NBC Sports has been getting a lot of grief for their tape-delay of marquee events. Even so, they might want to consider a seven-second delay for these X-game type events, or any time they have wired people for live sound. The latter may not matter for Curling though since those athletes are so quiet and bland!

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