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The 2010 Sports Emmy for Outstanding Promotional Announcement (Institutional) Goes To...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 10:25 AM, under , , ,

The 2010 Sports Emmy Awards took place last night in New York City, and the presentation of awards has concluded. The 2010 Sports Emmy for Outstanding Promotional Announcement (Institutional) goes to...

Football Season Never Ends (NFL Network)
Run (Motion Theory)

Executive Producers  Kevin  Balluff, Steve Bornstein, Dena Kaplan

Creative Director  Greg Carson

Producers   Javier Jiminez, Jason Myers, Anne Pierce, Liz Ross, Jason  Trautwein

Director   Matt Cullen

Here are all of the Nominees, with the checked nominee being who we suggested should be the winner when nominations were announced back in March.

Run (2009 Football Season Never Ends) NFL Network (Motion Theory)
Magnet (2009 MLB All‑Star Game) FOX
Start 'Er Up; Wrecks; Numbers (2009 NASCAR on ESPN ‑ Feel Your Heart Race) ESPN (Oil Factory_
Full Color Football ‑ History of the AFL Showtime (NFL Network / NFL Films)
One Game Changes Everything ESPN (Victory Pictures LLC)
Paul Revere; Arnold Palmer; Machine (This Is SportsCenter) ESPN (O Positive)

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