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The 2010 Sports Emmy for Outstanding Graphic Design Goes To...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 10:06 AM, under , , , , , ,

The 2010 Sports Emmy Awards took place last night in New York City, and the presentation of awards has concluded. The 2010 Sports Emmy for Outstanding Graphic Design is a tie and goes to...

MLB Tonight (MLB Network)

Senior Graphic Designer
Chris Mallory

Graphic Designers
Alex Avdynshin, Jeff Boccia, C.J. Bottitta, Robert Brienza, Bob Brower, Dan Coldwell, David Corrado, Amanda Dunk, Michael Farris, Steve George, Santosh Isaac, Anthony Kounouklos, Premier Maldonado, David Mayzis, Jocelyne Meinert, Mike Moore, Jillian Nalasco, Oscar Navarro, Brian Perkins, Kaitlin Rose, Shannon Wong, Chung Wu

SportsNation (ESPN2)

Graphic Designers
Charlie Collin, Kyle Cooper, Mark DiGiovanna, Mark Groeschner, Dale Harney, Joe Hribar, Justin Linde, Scott Lodge, Chris Mantzaris, Paul Mitchell, Tim O’Shoughnessy, Rick Pavia, Alex Popkin, Danielle Robinson, Michael Ruddy, Renata Sedzimir, Heewon Sohn, Kristen Suermann, Michael Szykowny

Here are all of the Nominees, with the checked nominee being who we suggested should be the winner when nominations were announced back in March.

E: 60 ESPN2
MLB Tonight MLB Network
Red Bull ‑ New Year. No Limits ESPN
Red Bull Air Race World Championship FSN (G.R.A.C.E. Productions)
SportsNation ESPN2
Winter X Games 13 ESPN

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