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Inez Sainz Does Not Have to be a Good Journalist, She Just Needs To...

Thursday, September 16, 2010 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 1:05 AM, under

With all of this heated arguments about what did or did not happen to TV Azteca's Inez Sainz last weekend, I am reminded of what a critic of commentators on Spanish-language sports broadcasts once said to me: They don't have to be good or knowledgeable about the sport they are calling, they just need to speak Spanish. 

That thought kept running through my head as I watched an in-studio FOX News interview with Sainz the other day.  It does not matter if she is a good journalist or not, she just needs to look hot on camera.

TV Aztecas' Inez Sainz on FOX News
JUST TWO THINGS I WANT TO POINT OUT: FOX News Host appears to have his
has his eyes and index finger pointed to the wrong spot as he tells TV Azteca's Inez Sainz
that he has two things to point out to her (I kid you not).

The way this story has blown up, it will not matter if Sainz is the absolute best sports journalist in the world.  The perception is that she is out there making herself the story and center of attention.  And the outfit she war on FOX News did not help the "serious journalist" cause or argument too much.

At the same time, we also need to recognize the cultural differences where the TV Azteca audience and management views Sainz differently than most uptight, puritanical Americans.  And guess what? A lot more people now have heard of TV Azteca than ever before.  Professional journalist or not, she did her job.  She does not have to be a knowledgeable, serious journalist. She just needs to...fill in the blank.

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