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Colin Cowherd: Give Arizona's Lute Olson His Privacy

Friday, December 7, 2007 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 12:25 PM, under , , , ,

Athens, GA (Dec 7, 2007) - ESPN's Colin Cowherd, on this morning's The Herd with Colin Cowherd, made a plea for the media to let University of Arizona Basketball Coach Lute Olson have his privacy.

Olson is on leave for a "deeply personal family matter", and Cowherd is saying that members of the media feel they have a right to know what the matter is because he is a state employee. Cowherd is correct in asserting that Olson has earned the right to his privacy because he is a class individual who has not put himself in the public glare like Bob Huggins has with his DUI. Nobody has to know why Olson is on leave unless Olson decides to tell the public himself.

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