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This is American Soccer: Roberto Abramowitz Talks About His Growth As A Broadcaster

Sunday, January 27, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 5:05 PM, under ,

Athens, GA (Jan 27, 2008) - "This is American Soccer", a web site dedicated to American Soccer (naturally), has published the first part of what they hope is a multi-part interview with Roberto Abramowitz entitled "For the Sake of Soccer". Abramowitz, the voice of Monday Night Football for the Spanish-speaking audience, offers great insight on his background. In this interview, He tells how, during his first job at a campus radio station, he left no stone unturned to find a job:

Within six months I was the assistant sports director and then a year sports director at BCR. I changed the way we basically did business because I said, ‘what are we doing here? What’s our purpose?’ They said cover the local teams, etc, and I said, ‘Wrong. Our purpose is to get jobs.’ How are we going to get jobs? So we go out and see what the professionals are doing. I’m going to apply for every single credential at every single sport and sporting event and cover it. And we did. One of the teams I got to let us in was some soccer team named the Cosmos, some guy named Pele had just come in. College radio didn’t care about him, but I sure knew who he was from watching him play when I was a kid in Mexico. And now all of a sudden with the arrival of some big-name players and their move to Giants Stadium, the Cosmos are a big deal. So I started covering the Cosmos and getting to know everybody there. We also covered the New Jersey Nets, World Team Tennis, and a few others who would let us in. It was great experience.

The interview is definitely a great read for people interested in what it takes to become a respected sportscaster.

Photograph courtesy of Roberto Abramowitz.

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