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Some Non-Scientific Poll Results

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 12:47 PM, under

Athens, GA (Dec 8, 2008) - Readers may have noticed the addition of some quick polls on this site. Of course, they are totally non-scientific and do not have any statistical validity. But they do show how some of your fellow readers feel.

Here are the poll results to date, and links to the stories they are included in.

Is the sentence O.J. Simpson received today fair?
Story Link: Judge Glass: O.J. Simpson Ignorant, Arrogant and More Than Stupid

Answer %age

No 41.18%
They should have given him more 35.29%
Yes 23.53%

Which Team Deserves To Be Ranked Number 1 as of today? (Closed)
Story Link: Hi! My Name is Jerry And I Am A BCS Geek!

School %age

Alabama 61.11%
Florida 5.56%
Texas 5.56%
Oklahoma 5.56%
Other* 22.22%

*USC, VA Tech

Which network does the best job of utilizing women and minorities as talent in televised sports broadcasts?

Story Link: Did Tim Brando Really Want To Open That Can of Worms?

Network %age

ESPN 66.67%
CBS Sports 11.11%
Fox Sports 11.11%
NBC Sports 5.56%
Other 5.56%

If available in a theater near you, what would you be willing to pay to see the BCS Championship Game in 3-D?

Story Link: Fox To Show BCS Championship in 3-D (in Theaters Only)

Price Range %age

< $10.00 14.29%
$10.00 to $19.99 28.57%
$20.00 to $29.99 14.29%
Nothing, I want my Beer and Brats 14.29%
Nothing, I hate getting headaches 14.29%
Is there something else to do that night? 14.29%
$30++ 0%

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