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Notable Tweeters: CBS Sports' President Sean McManus

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 , Posted by Christopher Byrne at 1:00 PM, under , , , ,

Slowly but surely, the Twitter universe is expanding. Sean McManus, President of CBS Sports and CBS News, joined on June 1, 2009. Even though he only has tweeted 17 times. he gets to the point early, acknowledging how important it is to have Tiger Woods in the field and competing.

Here are some of his early tweets:

Follow-up on Tiger. Our rating Sun-Tiger won:exactly double last years when Kenny Perry won same event. Happens every time he's in the hunt.
Golf play-off great for Sports...higher ratings. Bad for News, as Evening News does not two worlds colliding on a Sunday evening...What a difference it is to have Tiger in a CBS event...he's 4 back, but don't count him out tomorrow...maybe a play-off?
Welcome to the world of Twitter Mr. McManus.

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